Sunday, September 25, 2011


Sky Diving is falling from jet plane with parachute behind intentionally for the sake of fun. It came in my mind when i went to US for the second time. first week went to a artificial skydiving to see if it is fun. always wanting to do the original, i could not able to digest this will satisfy me.

it was a friday morning. i called mom as usual morning call. she was telling do something which interests you. i was in office as usual eating friend's head through chat. My friend was suggesting me to do something new in US. he suggested me to do skydiving. the situation is like unthinkable to go and do it. as i don't have car to drive on and i had no close collegues in my office who can take me there. i told him its not a so possible(not impossible). my thoughts were going like let's call my slk collegues who were 40 miles away from me and pull them to there. but, i dont usually take advantage of others so was idle. my collegue called me as a weekend meet plan call. he was asking if i have any plans. i told you plan, i will be part of it.he said "ok then, another collegue of ours willing to go skydiving. if you are interested, you can do it or we shall support him while he was doing". believe me i was cloud 9. i told i was about to ask you and you made my day.

that evening, i joined them. I called mom and told her i am planning to do it. she instead of scaring, told me to do it. finally, the day has come. we went four in number. two decided to not to do. one decided to do. i was in dilemma. only thing coming in my mind was that the parachute does not open and i hit the ground with lightning fast speed. i was telling myself lets do it as i cant see someone doing it and come back cursing myself. when we went there there was a huge queue for doing it. i came to know there will be a guy behind me who will handle parachute stuff.

Finally, gave advance for doing it and went for lunch. thoughts sometimes going like my last lunch. then went back let's do it whatever happens will be new feeling. when i went back there, was 90% sure of doing it. i was telling myself if at any point i feel like coming back, i will quit. but money was already paid 298 bugs which is not refundable once you get into plane. dressed myself telling myself lets do it. then i went in a open jeep kind vehicle sitting behind went near a plane we were 7 people 2 of us from our side, 2 our handlers who were tied to us while falling, 2 camera men, one single diver(girl).

we got into to plane. i stopped thinking as it was not to good time. we got into jet plane which sounds badly. we got some recording to say something to your loved ones before diving. may be they were 90% sure of coming back.when we went to 18000 ft high pilot instructed us to fall one by one. first went the lady saying bye like final bye to us. next went down my collegue i was eager to do it as the sound was making me little scared in the last minutes. everytime i was feeling scared i was telling myself let's do it. i was the last to dive well along with my handler first then my turn came to get down.

first my camera man went outside to take the pictures and they both signalled something to plan and fall. i told myself i will not see down until i leave the plan. but, just before i fall, i saw the earth. uff something came from down to my mouth. ha ha. then, the things were all new. falling down with out any support what a feeling it is...gone blank for a second. then telling myself that cannot do anything now so lets enjoy. Earth was looking awesome with near by mountain lower than me, few clouds floating and i was also floating. the air was hitting me at 100 miles badly as its a free fall. it was there for a one minute. my scare was gone. but, the feel was like hitting road with out helmet on my thunderbird at 100km. got actually bored in the middle about simply falling. later camera man came in front. so started posing for somehow. then parachute opened and the speed was lowered. later spent time talking to my handler. he was telling he is scared of heights. but he loves doing it he does 4-5 falls daily.

when you really want to do something the whole world comprises to help you do it.
and something which seems to be tough for you will attract more than anything. ....

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